8 Steps to a Healthy A/C and Refrigeration System

A good PM program should include a complete review of the components in the refrigeration and/or HVAC system. The components should be cleaned, tested and functioned to ensure that the system will operate as intended. This system review should be performed at least annually. The benefits will be a smooth running system and a customer who will be yours for life.


    1. Contactors/Relays
      Good clean power allows for a smoother start and better RLA.  Always check the AMPs of the compressor keeping in mind that the RLA is figured when the room or box is at its hottest.
    2. Evaporator Blower Motors and Belts
      Adjusting the pulley close to the tag FLA will maximize the Air Flow across the coil.  Raise the suction pressure and the system will work like new.
    3. Condenser/Evaporator Maintenance
      They must be serviced and cleaned or the systems on a downhill trend leading to a failed compressor. In refrigeration systems, a key component that needs to be checked during all PM visits is the Fan / Defrost Termination Switch.  Be sure to check it for proper operation so that water freezes on the coil before the fans come on.
    4. Adjust the Unloader
      If unloading does not occur then flood back can take place which will lead to compressor damage.
    5. Check Super Heat
      20 degrees at the compressor and 10 degrees at the TEV bulb are usually ideal.  Remember that the true super heat is when the room or box has reached its lowest or required temperature.
    6. Safety Controls
      Safety Controls normally will last the life of the system. They should, however, be checked for proper settings at least twice a year.
    7. Oils—Check the Level
      Oil levels should be, on most compressors, between ½ to ¼ sight glass depending upon compressor make and model.
    8. Crank Case Heaters (if equipped)
      The crankcase heater is normally ON all the time even when the unit is not running, though temperature sensors and set points may be used to turn it off when not needed.

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